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Hotel Admiral Palace

  V.le Giovanni Pascoli, 145 loc. Rimini - 47921 Rimini (Rimini) Mappa
Hotel Admiral Palace
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Pets admitted

Small Dogs, Medium Size Dogs, Large Breed Dogs, Other Pets Small Dogs, Medium Size Dogs, Large Breed Dogs, Other Pets
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Pet services

  • Bowls
  • Beauty Treatments
  • Vet
  • Pet sitter
  • Reserved Area

If you want to go on vacation at the beach with your dog, here you will find the right offer for you.

We at the Hotel Admiral we have a nice little dog named Badus who is 3 years old and we know that there is nothing more beautiful than to see her running on the beach or take a dip at sunset, when the beach starts to get rid ...

You read that right, we offer you the chance to bring your 4-legged friend to medium and small own with you on the beach under your beach umbrella in the 1st sector for Pets!

´´ Trust´´ Fido
I Our offer for your four-legged friend

Here´s what we offer you:

  • A beautiful room without carpet
  • Rooms with balcony sea view
  • One area on the beach reserved for animals
  • Within walking distance you will find a garden to make it run
  • Dog sitter (extra)
  • by the Ministry of Tourism for the Project´´ Tourists´´ to 4 Paws
  • Vet, with service 24/24h
    A few steps
  • a well-stocked pet shop
    Booking now
  • discounts up to 40%
  • ... the ability to take it with you to the beach



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