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Hotel La Praia

  Via del Mare di Zambrone 18, loc. Tropea - 89868 Tropea (Vibo Valentia) Mappa
Hotel La Praia
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The hotel the Praia it rises on the marvelous coast of Zambrone to 5km from Tropea, where history and myth weave him with the transparent blue of the sea, rich of fauna and suggestive backdrops. The white sand of the Praia, the cordiality of whom manages him/it, the daily sunset, the horizon that hacks him with the Islands Eolie and the Stromboli with his/her whisker of smoke that loses him in the sky they will make you dream. The rooms are gifted all of services and well you furnish (conditioned air and tv to be required during the booking). The hotel has ample room restaurant - cafe-tv with a ready kitchen and to also delight the most difficult palates, has besides parking lot also guarded on the sea (mt200) where you will find the Beach You Praia with cafe-comfort and beach reserved to the clientele the everything checked from personal qualified for your animal. We wait you…



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