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Agriturismo La Tensa

  LOCALITA TENSA loc. DOMODOSSOLA - 28845 Domodossola (Verbania) Mappa
Agriturismo La Tensa
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La Tensa is an ancient village upon Domodossola which was inhabited until the early sixties.
Since then, the buildings, deprived of the human care, went towards a progressive deterioration.
Meanwhile, the lands on the typical terraces were encroached by the forests. The recovery works of the area, done by the company Leponzia, began in the early 2000s and were completed at the end of 2009.
The intervention was performed in compliance with the construction typology of the territory using mostly local stone and timber.
Since the complete recovery of the mountain village of Tensa, we have achieved a quality rural availability of accommodation, we are able to offer a comfortable and stylish welcome and to satisfy the visitorsĺ curiosity to rediscover environments and places of rich history. Our farming business offers you the products that are sold directly but also partly designed for the Tensa tavern food service.

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