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Residence Sud Est

  Strada Provinciale 26, 129 loc. MolaPorto Azzurro (Livorno)
Residence Sud Est
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On the Island of Elba it is allowed to bring our four-legged friends to the beach, except on the beaches of Rio nell’Elba and Porto Azzurro, but where special places for dogs are reserved.

Especially in Porto Azzurro dogs are welcome at Lake Terranera and at the Dog Beach, the only beach reserved for dogs.
Dog Beach

The dog beach of Mola is only 100 meters from the Sud Est Residence.

Located in an easily accessible area, it is the only beach on the Elban soil dedicated entirely to animals: 20 umbrellas, 40 beach chairs, 7 cabins, 2 chemical toilets (one for handicapped people) and the essential equipment to collect the droppings of four-legged friends.

The beach is made of gravel that is removed and replaced new every year; the sea bottom, also of stones, is really very shallow and dogs love it so much that often those afraid of swimming approach the water to cool off a bit.

Frankly, for us humans it is not really the best, but just to see the happiness of your dog swimming and playing with his fellows is to forget immediately all the rest.

And then, a beach service with “All Inclusive” (umbrella, deck chair, bowls and toilets) for only 3 euros, where can you find it?

You read that right, beach service for the whole day at 3 euros! Besides, the guys who run this beach are really nice and their passion for dogs, of any size or breed, is very evident.

Five hundred square meters of pure leisure and fun for our 4-legged friends, when we do not want to take the car or take long walks to reach isolated coves, the Mola Dog Beach is the perfect solution!
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